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Meet Your Magician

Kevin is a world-class entertainer and one of the most highly sought after magicians in the San Francisco Bay Area. His interest in magic began as a childhood escape into a world of fantasy and adventure and has since blossomed into a decades-long fascination with the mysterious art of delighting people and bringing them together through unsolvable, impossible happenings.

Kevin’s client list is a smattering of Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley startups, politicians, executives, and even regular Joes looking for something incredible to spice up a gathering. His good nature, sense of humor, class, and charisma set him apart from his peers and make him a perfect choice for any event. In addition, he has a magical style nonpareil. Kevin’s uniquely interactive magic and mind reading places you into the story and feels more like you’re stepping into a world where the impossible can happen than that there is a magician in your presence.

In addition to being entertaining on land, Kevin is a wizard in the water. Kevin has dedicated tens of thousands of hours to training as an elite swimmer, leading to his becoming one of the top internationally ranked swimmers in the world. In the pool Kevin specializes in sprint freestyle, and has competed for spots on the U.S. Olympic Team twice, in 2012 and recently in 2016, when he placed 55th in the U.S. in the 50 freestyle. He has held multiple records at UC Santa Barbara, his alma mater, and today swims representing the Olympic Club in San Francisco.

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